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  • rogi_ca

    How to start a check-cashing services business?

    I would like to start a check-cashing services business but I am not familiar with basic business operations as cheque cashing, payday loans, bill payment, money orders, and money transfers.

    Basically learn as much as. Ask owner of a check cashing company how did they get started and get as much information as possible. Check out some check cashing franchise's.

  • Natalie

    What types of institutional investors would be interested in a unique investment that defies categorization?

    I recently became a sales rep for this company make touchscreen kiosks with alternative financial services for the unbanked (check cashing, payday loan, money transfer, electronic bill payment) and are partnered with major advertisers (Walmart,...

    , are governed by Government regulations. Hence, the regulated funds will not able able to take up the type of investment mentioned in the question. Funds, such as, Mutual Funds, Pension Funds, etc.

  • Brit

    Can a Payday Loan/Cash Advance company report you to the credit bureau if you dont repay?

    2nd question. can I get this taken off my credit report. I have a Payday Loan/Cash Advance that I didn't pay back now its on my credit report.

    They extended you credit and you didn't repay them according to the contract (it's like 5 or 6 pages that you have to sign to take out these loans, lots of small print that informs you they can report you if you do not pay). Of course they can.

Sen. Davis calls for ceremonial's resignation following payday len - Dallas News ... - FOX 4 News

Constitution Senator Wendy Davis, likely the Democratic selectee for governor, has called for the head of the Texas Finance Commission to release, or for Gov. Davis' action follows comments that Cash America Shortcoming President William White made to a reporter following the December meet of the Finance Commission in Austin. Source:

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  • Payday loan brokers regularly raid bank accounts of poor customers

    10/29/14 ,via The Guardian

    When the person living on unemployment or disability benefit wakes in the morning, they find their money has already vanished. RBS Natwest, whose parent is majority-owned by the taxpayer, said it has terminated payment arrangements with 20 payday loan  

  • How Payday Loans Leave Cash-Strapped Borrowers Unbankable

    10/03/14 ,via Bloomberg

    Barry Barker's flock of macaws and kites were squawking for food last year when he went online for a payday loan to save them. The automatic debits got so costly he had to close his bank account to stop them. Barker, 71, a field biologist in Florida

  • Columbiana man accused of robbing Always Money payday loan business

    10/27/14 ,via

    COLUMBIANA, Alabama -- A Columbiana man has been arrested for allegedly using a pistol to rob the Always Money payday loan business in the city on Oct. 9. Matthew Russell Stafford, 28, faces a charge of first-degree robbery following his arrest on a 


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